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Learn the strategies Dr. Julio c caba used to overcome being a single homeless father to a doctor, from un employable to owner of many organizations, and live his success

Tales of an Underdog: From negative to positive

Tales of an Underdog Dr. Julio C. Caba was born and raised in one of the worst neighborhoods in New York City at the time. Growing up poor made it difficult for Julio to believe success would ever be possible. As he went through life, Julio continually heard from teachers that he would either be dead or in jail before he reached the age of 18. Believing this narrative, he went down a self-destructive path dropping out of High School. This lead to Julio having three kids from an abusive relationship. Things became worse as the mother of his children left him and the children never to return. With nothing but hopelessness, Dr. Julio C Caba attempted suicide as he did not know how to feed his family. That night it all changed as Julio found his purpose and went on a journey to recreate himself and pave a path of success for his children. Now, Julio has a doctorates degree, founded a mental health agency, and has a successful family. Follow the real story about going from negative to positive in this book that includes pictures, strategies and spoken word poetry.

Diversity Leadership: The Underrepresentation of Ethnic Minority Leaders from Hispanic/Latinx Backgrounds in United States Organizations.

Currently, an underrepresentation of Hispanics/Latinx leaders exists in U.S. organizations. With the current trend of diversity, it is an issue that can impact many aspects of the United States in negative ways. With the current researchers concluding racism, stereotyping, and biases is the reason for the underrepresentation it becomes difficult to fix any issues in managing a diverse workforce brings. From organizations to society and even the population in question more representation of ethnic minorities such as Hispanics/Latinx people can help remedy many areas of the U.S. society. This is especially true for organizations as more representation of ethnic minorities such as Hispanics/Latinx people can assist in helping organizations adapt to the current trends of diversity. For this reason, the proposed research is being conducted. By interviewing both Hispanic/Latinx  leaders and Hispanic/Latinx non-leaders variables can be identified that will show why some ethnic minority leaders obtain such positions and why some do not. Moving from strictly studying racism, discrimination, and stereotyping as the reason for

such underrepresentation. The questions asked to the 20 participants with a master’s degree will help give more insight into the issue. These twenty-three questions are designed to extract the professional experiences form the Hispanic/Latinx respondents. Further assisting organizations, research, and society in gaining new knowledge on

diversity management. The interviews revealed many variables that can assist all minority groups and females in finding new ways to excel in their professions. The results from this research should be used to create a quantitative study that will help further the knowledge of diversity in the workforce. It should also be used to develop leaders that can help organizations adapt to the trend of diversity in U.S. organization. 






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