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For the past 10 years Dr. Julio C Caba has collaborated with non-for-profits, governments, schools, and corporations to teach and motivate. Performing for groups from 20 to 600 people Dr. Caba has a unique speaking style that brings entertainment, learning, and impact to your next event. Known for the highs energy performance Julio can design a speech around your message and deliver it in an unforgettable way!


If your organization is in search of a speaker or facilitator for your next corporate or non-for-profit event, experience matters! Dr. Julio C Caba and the Change M.F.C.R team can assist you in making your event both impactful and Educational. Receiving perfect 5 star reviews for the past 10 years shows that we can be a good partner in assuring your event is one to be remembered by your attendees. We collaborate with organizations during their events to empower the attendees who participate including but not limited to employees, stakeholders, teams, leadership, and more. Our speakers cover a multitude of subjects that includes Mental Health, Leadership, Team building, motivation, Employees, health, business, Governmental and more. Dr. Caba has worked in events of diffrent sizes from 20 to 450 attendees. Using our experience to bring interactive and exciting sessions that can make the difference adding value to your event. We are able to provide a workshop approach with activities as well as an impactful speaking! Our services are guaranteed with a money back satisfaction policy. Known for high energy we use humor, interaction, inspiration activities, and story telling. Specializing in showing attendees why they are so powerful for what they do and motivation! Take a look at our page to view if we would be a great partner for your next event!


Dr. Caba is an Author, Coach, and experienced Motivational Business Speaker and Workshop facilitator that specializes in performing for Private organizations and not-for-profits in Florida. Dr. Caba performs for both small events with  20 attendees to large events with over 750 attendees. Using interaction, attendee participation, storytelling, humor, powerful speaking, motivational techniques, activities,  and high-impactful energy to entertain and teach the attendees he serves. His purpose-driven performance gives the right organizational message, which increases attention to the speaking session furthermore assuring that the attendees learn, laugh, cry, and become motivated. Speaking for many organizations in the areas of inspiration, team building, leadership, employee appreciation, motivation, and more. Dr. Julio C Caba has spoken for many well-known organizations that include F.R.M.A, workforce, Suntrust, Knights of Columbus, Public schools, Keller Williams, and more. Dr. Julio C Caba uses a high-energy approach to his speaking events that guarantees to leave a lasting impression on the attendees that attend your event. Gaining perfect reviews from all the events he has performed in, assuring that the organizations he collaborates with receive the value they are looking for when hiring a speaker. His style is different from most if not all speakers as he does not read his speeches and performs them with high-energy movement. If you are looking to leave an impact on those that attend the event, Dr. Caba is the speaker your organization needs. Some organizational leaders have invited Dr. Caba to speak multiple times and have always thanked him, stating that it was the best speaking session they have ever had. With a satisfaction guarantee model that assures your organization does not pay if not satisfied he has blazed the speaking circuit with his energetic performances. Speaking with a belief that the individuals he stands in front of are powerful people and have nothing but possibilities ahead of them. Using his passion to communicate the proof that humans are powerful. Using his story of going from a single homeless father to a successful business man, Doctor of business, and award winning speaker. Take a look at his videos and experience his style. His impactful journey as a speaker is a show that must be experienced. As seen on the news, he is committed to the self-development of those he works with. Dr. Julio C Caba is a life and business coach, author, speaker, and owner of a growing mental health organization. His story of going from homelessness to Dr. Caba proves to those who attend anything is possible!



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Dr. Julio C Caba has experience in speaking in many diffrent areas. This experience allows Dr. Caba to create a custom speech about any subject to target your attendees and empower them. Helping your next training and or event entertaining, educational, and motivational. If you have an idea for a training or event reach out to us and get a proposal of the speaking services we can perform at your training or event. Our workshops are fun and include interactive activities to help in the learning process. Check out the areas Dr. Caba has performed in.

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