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Golden Dust
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Empowering humans is a purpose I have dedicated my professional career to! Committed to helping individuals, entrepreneurs, and business owners find the next step towards leveling up and achieving the results you are in search of. Using my training and experiences to be a collaborative partner through your journey of success! Working with an unequivocal understanding that you can achieve and create a future your past would have never imagined possible in both your personal life and business life. A great track record and proven motivational techniques at your disposal  to use as a  weapon for your fight in the battle for success. Known for bringing high energy, a positive and growth mindset, along with solution driven problem solving into our sessions together. In our coaching session we will brainstorm together allowing you to talk your vision out while getting factual insight and ideas with the strategies I have used  to help my clients evolve and move towards the goals. My approach starts with open conversations that turn constructive further leading to the aha moment that turns tables and brings clarity into your ideas. Using powerful questions that helps unleash the inspiration of you!  You will be able to let it all out in a non-judgmental space where you are the star. Receiving feedback from my experiences both professional and personally. After every session you will receive a survey about our conversation with questions that allow you to further explore the plan and learn more about yourself and/or your business. Experienced in coaching for many areas of life and many industries of business.  Why am I so passionate about walking with you through your journey of self-development? Because my experiences have taught me that everything and anything is possible. Once a single homeless father on the streets and living in very impoverished conditions to earning a Doctorate, becoming a successful businessman with several businesses, winning awards for speaking as a successful and sought out corporate motivational speaker, authored 3 books, created 2 online courses, own a successful community mental health organization, and more importantly have created a great and healthy family. I don't tell you this to impress you but to impress upon you that I have the experience, training, and mindset to help you in life and/or your business! I specialize in motivation and have many tools at my disposal to assure that you get the value you deserve when hiring a coach. This is the reason I am so passionate and highly committed. My career has revolved around helping people like you, who are powerful and hold special talents find the next move. My personal life of overcoming and succeeding has taught me how to win and in turn be your partner on your journey. My multiple businesses and business degree has taught me how to build the right strategy for the right business and inturn empower entrepreneurs and business owners. Let's explore our fit to work together and meet for a free no obligation session? 

Golden Dust


Julio is inspiring with great ideas.

Frank O.

I was able to break barriers and limiting beliefs which were keeping me down, stuck and unable to move forward. Julio was able to listen to my story, understand it, and then helped me focus on the fact that I could use my story as the source of my power. He pushed me to see the goodness in the tiniest things, and build on it.

Robert Hauske

I've worked with Julio several times and I am always happier and clearer on my direction after each session. He is a very good listener and can help you see things That can improve your life that might be right in front of you that you are overlooking. He is very positive and when I'm down helps me see the positive and possibility in my life. I really appreciate his timely communication through emails. He has followed up with additional information that has helped me on my journey. I've recommended him to several friends and family. Five Stars

Golden Dust
Golden Dust


Motivation is crucial in conquering your life. As an award winning motivational speaker I have learned how to motivate people. Helping them find the motivation from with in to start to move forward in life. Research has shown that motivation can increase production by 50 percent. Can you imagine what you can accomplish with 50 percent more? Believe it or not you can use motivation like a tool.  You can call upon motivation strategically. This course will show what I have done that got me from being a homeless single father on the streets to an award winning speaker, coach, author, business owner, and Doctor of business. 
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Golden Dust


Strategies for success

You have the power to succeed! It is time for a mindset shift!  This self-help book by motivational speaker and life coach Dr. Julio C. Caba is proof that you have everything you need to win! The journey of award-winning motivational speaker and life coach Dr. Julio C. Caba shows you how he was able to go from a single homeless father of three when the mother of his children left them to a happy and successful family, from a high school dropout to a doctoral graduate, and from poverty and food stamps to owning several businesses. The book includes strategies used by Dr. Caba to overcome everyday barriers, the whole story, and powerful spoken word poetry. This real-life emotional journey of tales of an underdog from negative to positive discusses love, suicide, depression, empowerment, education, action, and drama. It gives you strategies that can help you fight in your everyday life - further showing that it matters not what they call you because by the end of your journey, they will know your name. We all have a battle that we fight everyday. We all have a purpose attached to our name. Take the journey, and learn how Dr. Caba broke the cycle of poverty, depression, violence, and loss. Learn how to live 

Golden Dust
Golden Dust

Jeremiah williams

I just want to start off by saying I had an amazing experience after leaving I was able to overcome a lot of physical and mental barriers that I thought I wouldnt be able to do. Julios coaching was something that I thought I would not need I was very skeptical at first but now with all the tools he gave me I am doing amazing and overcoming any and every obstacle that comes my way.


Dr caba has helped my business grow in ways i did not imagine possible! Thank you!


It is one of my few times in life, that I meet somebody who is eager to help me, and doing it, not for money, but for a true desire to help me as a stuck human being, and with a goal to see me getting better and improving in life, and in business. When I started to work with Dr. Julio Caba, I was stuck, without motivation, and without direction. Dr. Julio, went down to my level, and started to work on me just from where I was. In less than 2 months, I was focus, seeing the world in a positive way, and finding new opportunities for businesses and for improving in general. Thank you Dr. Julio Caba, and lets keep improving and getting better every day.

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