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Dr. Julio C Caba has committed his professional life to helping others improve! Working with groups and individuals from all over the world to find the quiet power that lies within you. Using what he has learned from his real life experiences of overcoming barriers and strategically building success to empower other humans. His experience ranges from helping organizations motivate their team and leaders as an award winning motivational speaker to one on one Coaching in the areas of life and business as a certified international coach. Working with an unequivocal understanding that you have the power to reach the heights your dreams know to be possible. The proof of this can be seen in his story of overcoming many barriers and finding his personal and professional success. Scroll down and take a look at Dr. Caba's bio and story. It can give you a bigger picture of of how he can help you find your successes. Dr. Julio C Caba is ready to join your fight in both business and life.  In this website you will find Dr. Julio C Caba’s experiences and services offered by him and his team to help you reach your potential and build a life your past would have never imagined possible. From author of his biography tales of an underdog to Doctorate in business and even founder and operator of a growing mental health practice. Dr. Julio C Caba believes that his life purpose is to help others find the ground beneath their feet so they may sour and touch their dreams.

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Dr. Julio C Caba Speaking Videos

Dr. Julio C Caba Speaking Videos

Dr. Julio C Caba Speaking Videos
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Unleashing Huma Potential Graduation Speech

Unleashing Huma Potential Graduation Speech

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Unbreakable: #motivationalvideo

Unbreakable: #motivationalvideo

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Dr Julio C Caba: It's not over till you #win

Dr Julio C Caba: It's not over till you #win

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I just want to start off by saying I had an amazing experience after leaving I was able to overcome a lot of physical and mental barriers that I thought I wouldn't be able to do. Julio's coaching was something that I thought I would not need I was very skeptical at first but now with all the tools he gave me I am doing amazing and overcoming any and every obstacle that comes my way.


Dr. Julio Caba is sensational he's able to analyze your situation quickly and targets the core issue. Based on my experience, coaches in the past have provided strategies/advice and did not effectively follow-up, Conversely, Dr. Caba is there along the way until you remedy the issue or reach your goal. I have to give Dr. Caba my highest ratings and recommendations - truly a rare find!

-Joanne S, Bartow, FL (gig ID# 3135444)

Did an amazing job. Definitely recommend!

-Mark S, Lakeland, FL (gig ID# 2958266)

Julio was great. Loved his speech kept our audience captivated with his story . Would highly recommend him

-Mark S, Lakeland, FL (gig ID# 2958266)

I've worked with Julio several times and I am always happier and clearer on my direction after each session. He is a very good listener and can help you see things That can improve your life that might be right in front of you that you are overlooking. He is very positive and when I'm down helps me see the positive and possibility in my life. I really appreciate his timely communication through emails. He has followed up with additional information that has helped me on my journey. I've recommended him to several friends and family. Five Stars

-Joanne S, Bartow, FL (gig ID# 3135444)

We were impressed with Julio from start to finish. He was communicative, professional and accommodating before the event. Punctual and professional on the day of the event. Engaging, inspiring, effective and memorable as a speaker. I've booked a lot of speakers, and we have very particular people at our events. It's nearly impossible not to hear at least a few complaints about a speaker. We heard nothing but raves about Julio. I would 100% book him again for a Tampa event and am happy to be a reference, should anyone want one.


Julio story is an amazing inspirational one, the presentation is filled with humor, action and a very powerful message. He had my employees laughing, crying and motivated. I would definitely use his service again and I would recommend him to other businesses and events. His real life experience was applied with the message I wanted to give to my employees. This event will be one that will be talked about for a long time.

-Jeanette G, St Petersburg, FL (gig ID# 278724-Sophia R, Orlando, FL (gig ID# 2605589)8)



My name is Dr. Julio C Caba, and I empower humans! For the last 20 years, I have worked in many areas of business and self-development. I own and operate Change M.F.C.R a counseling agency and change coaching center. After my personal experience of battling and overcoming obstacles, I did one of the most important things an individual could do, I made a decision. I decided to learn everything I could in both business and self-development to assure I would be able to beat anything that could stand in the way of my progress. Learning strategies that could give me the unique opportunity to be able to collaborate with both individuals and organizations on building strategies for success. Some of my experiences include both business and life coaching, business consulting, administration, and motivational speaking. Why do I specialize in so many professional areas? Because the world was changing and my past situations called for high adaptability to succeed. Coming from a poor environment as a single homeless father I understood I needed to get a better understanding of the professional world. As hard as it was for me in my situation, I signed up for business school. This was a very hard fight as my past never prepared me for such a challenge. But through strategizing, my strengths, and experiences I worked hard and was able to obtain my Bachelor's degree in Business. Getting the degree taught me so much about what was possible and allowed me to learn how to make some of my weaknesses my strengths. I was able to learn how to beat the odds and complete something that was considered impossible at the time. During this time I worked as a salesman in a car dealership furthermore becoming general manager of multiple 

stores. Wanting more I worked on obtaining my insurance licenses in both property and Life. But as I worked in the insurance business I knew I wanted to do more with my life. I wanted to better understand self-development and how to help the world around me. I signed up to work on my Master's degree in organizational management. I then began my entrepreneurial career by opening an insurance agency followed by a used car dealership. This experience taught me so much about how individuals can break barriers and become what they want to be. I began to mentor individuals helping them in careers, life, and business. Once I finished my MBA, I now understood the experience I have gained. I understood that I was doing something considered difficult or impossible coming from where I came from. I had an unequivocal understanding that I could go after goals and conquer them fast! Coming from where I came from obtaining a Doctorate was not an option. With so many barriers and a completely different world, it was not something most advised I should invest my money or time in. The numbers were not on my side with only 2 percent of the U.S. population obtaining a Ph.D. and only 6.5 percent of that 2 percent coming from my background. These statistics did not include or account for my experience with homelessness, poverty, and much less being a single father raising three children without their mother.This should have made me rethink the thought of trying to obtain such a high degree. But I understood something! I understood that individuals can do whatever they want to in life. With the right strategy, nothing is impossible! But I had to prove it. I had to do all that was possible to reach my success. Because success is different for all of us and this was mine. It was not about degrees. I already owned a business and had enough education to build a great career. It was about challenging myself and breaking the barriers my past faced. To be able to get a degree that was considered unattainable while learning how to break personal barriers and reaching my goals was what I wanted my success to be. Meanwhile while going to school to get my doctorate, I decided to write a book about my story. My wish was that my book Tales of an underdog from negative to positive would help someone else find their motivation and empower them to break their barrier. I also began to coach individuals as a life coach. Helping them by sharing what I did and how I did it so they may take from it and build their strategies to reach success. I also helped small businesses and entrepreneurs with their businesses. Followed by helping organizations motivate their workforce, teams, and leaders by using my story to show them what was possible. Once I finished my doctorate coupled with all of the professional heights I reached, I decided I wanted to make it my purpose to share what I have learned and help others fight their plight and win their success. I opened a self-development agency that provides counseling, coaching, and workshops. Building a business model that was geared towards empowering humans. Becoming a certified coach life coach helping individuals from different parts of the world. Now, I contract the most skilled counselors to spread mental health. Coaching them and other entrepreneurs on how to start and grow their businesses. Knowing that motivation was everything in this fight for success I continued to speak at events for organizations becoming an award-winning speaker. This is not meant to impress you but to impress upon you that I am committed. I have trained for most of my life so I can follow my purpose of empowering humans in their professional, personal, and business worlds.

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