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It is my mission to use my education, life experiences, and professional experiences to make an impact on human development by empowering the movement of one human at a time and committing to the organizations and individuals that entrust my purpose of empowering humans!


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Dr. Julio C Caba is passionate about his purpose of empowering humans. He is committed to having an impact on the human development field by delivering multiple services and products designed to empower the movement forward of the individuals and organizations that entrust him with their development. This includes books authored, research, Motivational Speaking, Online courses, business consulting and coaching, life coaching, organizational management, and mental health services as founder and V.P of Change M.F.C.R, inc. Using his education, life experiences, and professional experiences to enhance those he works with. With a proven track record of helping individuals and/or organizations reach the success they seek. For the past 25 years, Dr. Julio C Caba has used his learned skills and abilities to add value to humans by breaking through barriers and conquering their goals. 

Julio C Caba's Bio

Dr. Julio C Caba holds several degrees including a Bachelor's in Business Administration, a Master's in Organizational Management, and a Doctorate in Industrial Organizational Psychology and Organizational Management. He also holds certifications in coaching with further training in an ICF-approved curriculum. In addition, Dr. Caba trained and holds a certification in the Les Brown speaking training. 

Dr. Julio C Caba's Education
Video: All Dreams are Possible

Dr. Julio C Caba has performed workshops and keynotes for many organizations in the past 10 years. Known for his high energy and impactful presentations. using storytelling, research, activities, power movement, humor, and more to ensure the attendees gain value and entertainment. Gaining perfect reviews on The Bash from the organizations that hire him to empower their attendees. He can present many subjects including leadership, teams, motivation, and more. Dr. Julio C Cabas's speeches are different than most with a powerful delivery while creating custom one-of-a-kind speeches for the organizations that hire him to empower their humans.  


Dr. Caba has always had a passion for business. Seeing it as a form of art in the fact that we as humans can create an impactful organization from a vision. Dr. Julio C. Caba is not only highly educated in business management and the psychology of business but also has 25 years of experience in many industries. His perfect reviews on Nommii show experience matters, Giving him a unique perspective on how to make a business successful. Known for his out-of-the-box strategies Julio has been able to help many businesses in many areas succeed! From small businesses of one to a large business of thousands Dr. Caba is able to drive the value into your business. His consulting business helps organizations with branding, organizational management, leadership, sales, processes, and more. Working with an unequivocal belief that by helping organizations he is helping the communities that depend on these businesses.

Speaking Services
Business Consulting/Coaching


Dr. Caba's News Interview

As a Life Coach, Dr. Caba uses his life experiences, coaching certifications, and ICF coaching-approved training to help individuals break through the barriers that they are facing and conquer their goals! Dr. Julio C Caba started from a very humble beginning as a homeless single father of three who dropped out of High School. With training and life strategies he was able to build a successful family, go back to school and obtain a Doctorate degree, and build successful businesses. Was this luck? No, Dr. Caba learned how to use what he had to create life strategies that assured success. Teaching him valuable skills that can help his coaching clients learn how to adapt and build a future their past would have never imagined possible. 

Life Coaching

Counseling was a major part of Dr. Julio C Caba's journey. Helping him heal from some of the traumas he faced while battling poverty and other adversities. It allowed him to dig deep and find the person he wanted to be and live a dream he thought could never be possible. Dr. Caba remembers praying and promising that if he was able to come out of the hopeless past he faced he would share it with the world. Dr. Caba and his partner founded Change M.F.C.R, inc. Using his skills and experience in business and experience as someone who used counseling to thrive to run a successful practice that partners with other master clinicians to provide critical mental services. At Change M.F.C.R. they work with the mission to help make mental health accessible to all!

Video: Human Potential Confrence (Its not over till we win)
Mental Health Practice
Video: Human Potential Graduation

Dr. Julio C Caba continues to use different ways to communicate the power of humans. always working through different venues to share the knowledge he learns. Currently, Dr. Caba has created one audiobook and e-book The Great Mindset Shift: Tales on an Underdog, His Biography Tales of an Underdog from Negative to Positive, Get Motivated workbook, and a Leadership Research published as an e-book form called Diversity Leadership: The Underrepresentation of Ethnic Minority Leaders from Hispanic/Latinx Backgrounds in United States Organizations. He is also currently working on 4 more e-books and audiobooks. He is committed to empowering humans!

Books by Dr. Julio C Caba
Video: A Year in Power

Online courses have become one of the most efficient ways to learn. Helping you obtain the knowledge you seek at your own pace. Dr. Caba has two online courses with three more in the works. The first course is all about motivation. Get Motivated shows you how Dr. Julio C Caba stays so motivated. The second online course by Dr. Caba is Get Down to Business. Showing individuals the basics of starting their own business with very little capital. 

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Online Courses by Dr. Caba
Dr Julio C Caba Empowering Humans

Dr. Julio C Caba's podcast is much different than anything out there. He decided to not go with what people deem cool or hip and instead went with creating a podcast that helps the individuals who listen to it. In this podcast, Julio sits down with powerful people such as counselors, business owners, Doctors of medicine, and more to share powerful stories with tips and advice that can make a difference. 

Video: Unbreakable

After running a successful mental health pratice Dr. Caba and his team wantes to make more of an impact by helping more people recive mental health. They statrted a mental health consulting services. This services helps clinicians in the business activities. Dr. Caba and his team work as virtual assitance answering phones, panelling, marketing, administration and more. Since its inception our offices have been able to help and work with many agencies helping them on their journey to success! 

Services for Counselors
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